Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lost in the South Korean I Ching Translation: First Dragon Daughter/Son.

First Dragon son; First Dragon daughter nipple piercing.

Selena, the American Hollywood Cleo: The Hook'em Goddess gesture.

Lost in the South Korean Translation: I have been told that there are 144,000 CIA-Jew Hollywood family mansions that do not care to see Lost in the Korean I Ching Translation played. If it got played at the AMC marketplace, there would be a cost of at least 25,000,000 dollars in human American military life in Korea alone. How much money do the 144,000 CIA-Jew families in Los Angles want to pay to keep the Constitution off of the light temple marketing chain. First Dragon son says, "give up everything you own to follow him into Israel and have freedom of heavenly choices."

3☲101離the Clinging, Radiance fire火southsecond daughter eyelight-giving, dependence, clinging, clarity, adaptable雉pheasant4☳100震zhènthe Arousing, Shake thunder雷eastfirst son foot inciting movement initiative龍dragon5☴011巽xùnthe Gentle, Groundwind風southeast first daughter thigh penetrating gentle entrance雞fowl

An Disney Jesus shall appear as a peeping Tom in the middle of the night.

Princess Tie: A High Note God/dess singer

Lost in the Left side Tattoo, Be2(SiO)4 Translation