Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lost in the South Korean I Ching Translation: First Dragon Daughter/Son.

First Dragon son; First Dragon daughter nipple piercing.

Selena, the American Hollywood Cleo: The Hook'em Goddess gesture.

Lost in the South Korean Translation: I have been told that there are 144,000 CIA-Jew Hollywood family mansions that do not care to see Lost in the Korean I Ching Translation played. If it got played at the AMC marketplace, there would be a cost of at least 25,000,000 dollars in human American military life in Korea alone. How much money do the 144,000 CIA-Jew families in Los Angles want to pay to keep the Constitution off of the light temple marketing chain. First Dragon son says, "give up everything you own to follow him into Israel and have freedom of heavenly choices."

3☲101離the Clinging, Radiance fire火southsecond daughter eyelight-giving, dependence, clinging, clarity, adaptable雉pheasant4☳100震zhènthe Arousing, Shake thunder雷eastfirst son foot inciting movement initiative龍dragon5☴011巽xùnthe Gentle, Groundwind風southeast first daughter thigh penetrating gentle entrance雞fowl

An Disney Jesus shall appear as a peeping Tom in the middle of the night.

Princess Tie: A High Note God/dess singer

Lost in the Left side Tattoo, Be2(SiO)4 Translation

If the Wall Street Journal forced all of their journalists to wear Red, White, and Blue to work, this would be seen as an infringement of their personal rights and freedom to dress as they please. But the Jew Bloomberg is forcing all of his editorial writers to wear Jew Blue icons when they show up for work. This is a Jew only newspaper county club and reminds the South of lynchings and hanging for those that got uppity against the Jesus White Knights who came together against British, Jew, and Negro North slavery. A 90% tax on the Bloomberg rich looks about right in these circumstances.

Princess White Perfume Holy and Prince Black Perfume Holy held up to the light of King Thutmose III and Queen Thutmose III atonement light in the year 2014. They are as dark as World Vatican War III.

Great Story: Expecting 2 billion in worldwide English language sales. And then, the lettered 32, 36, and the Chinese language versions.

And the resurrection pool winner of the Great 7-Aten Hollywood debate is lost in the Hollywood translation.

Daughter Ra-18-Aten: 17 years of UVW God/dess peace; 1 year of Tut-7-Aten war.

Golden 7-Aten Jerusalem Trader on the floor of the Jew York Stock Exchange. Are the other five-Aten dwarfs on the same line and track as Jesus-7.

Swiss stocks based upon a gold, platinum, or iridium currency exchange took a ABB hit today. Is this a 330 Atomic number magician trend?

Saving Mr. Banks: The first film that I walked out on in a long, long, time. I didn't even walk out on 43, which hit the bottom of the Jesus pool of dickhead flicks. Mr. Banks was shot in grainy film, and I couldn't concentrate on its characters, no matter how witty and idiotic simple they put the scenes together. Did the devil Lucas sell his light and magic show to Englishwood Jesus in the name of Disney? How deep and thick will the pixels be when Voldemort redoes their films in fay yellow, tinker bell magic?


The title to the story is Saving Mr. Banks.  The image of Mr. Banks right now is of a gay clown who doesn't have a clue on how to play an English gentleman from the lower middle class of rural English society.  The author of Mary Poppins was shown as an eccentric psychotic who overcame her sexual obsession with her father by inventing a Mary Poppins from heaven to watch over her, independent of her social position in the family.  

In fantasy, the author was a princess of heaven. Disney's interpretation of a person's spiritual life and times appears subjective and slanderous, and according to the present life and times of Mr. Banks, her father was a faggot who loved liquor more than his wife and children.

Did Disney put the old bag authoress on the Freud couch and get her straighten out? I walked out on the film, so I don't know, nor do I care. 

The Tao says to imagine yourself a female in heaven: The perfect 11.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Great Pyramid of Egypt: Just because it is big does not mean that its spiritual Imhotep-Saudi-CIA-Negro Bush African brain is smarter than Jessica Alba's gift from XYZ heaven.

900, 800 Gifts from Heaven

700 Gift From Heaven

600 Gifts from Heaven

200 Gifts from heaven

500 Gifts from Heaven

10 Gifts from Amon-Ro Heaven

Deconstructing the Imperial Crown of England, Jehovah, Jesus, and the Holy Nazi World Trade Center Spirit.

The Forbidden City: L 54 Columns: Parthenon: Construction site: L: Is it a fit? "L&M is a fit," quote the 7 daughters of Alli-Minnie Mouse.

The Final Script Gathering House for Amon-Hopi-Ro's 7 Daughters of Atonement for not accepting an orange sun of God/dess as their Solar-240-Orange script writer and private spiritual savior.

Tea Time at the Gathering House in Malibu

Godmother and Millionaire Million Dollar Man's daughter at Tokyo and Vine: Her Malibu Point Dune House Listings.

South Pole SSii [Santee] Helpers

Deconstructing Jesus and the Imperial Command CIA Lord, Jehovah.

The Blue Rigel Mother Drama Coach

The Godmother of Hollywood and Vine; the daughter of the Million Dollar man.

Chemistry and Physics major. Got accepted at MIT, but decided to go to Hollywood and Vine. Is president of the Drama Club.

The Nerd Chess Player and violin player. Has never lost a match in debate or communicative logic. Got accepted at Stanford but decided to go to Hollywood and become a star, too.

With the 20,000 dollars that she obtained from the Millionaire man, Pixie lived out her last high school year as a teen nerd goddess. Her flock numbers was greater than ten, but less than twenty at all times. On May 25, a week before graduation, she got another singing telegram and another $20,000 and was told to drop out of school and go to Hollywood and become a star. She could take only 5 friends with her, and they each would be given $20,000 to help them settle in the town of broken dreams and broken promises.

Yellow Fay Pixie Dust has been banned in the Galaxy until Steven Spielberg and his Frankincense and Mirth friends build the Temple of Jerusalem in Tel Aviv using their money and Rabbi 16 Gold-tooth money.

Neon: Produces an Orange Halo when inserted into the Sun's atmosphere in Magician 10 and Magician 20 quanties

Neon, the Refrigeration gas used to cool the homes of the Intergalactic stars.

Lost in the Hollywood Translation: The trading coinage of the Intergalactic Quetzalcoatl Reich.

The coinage of the Intergalactic Quetzalcoatl Reich is round.  In the center on each side is a solar O with N [North] on inside of the O and on the other side there is an S within the O.  There are 12 ankh [no cross bar] rays coming from the solar O on each.  It is a star age coin that can trade just as well in Burundi as well as in some backwater Jedi Knight outpost in the Orion Nebulae Galaxy complex of the New Age Republic, without Lord Vatican Vader Jesus.  

The Composition of the coin is Be2(SiO)4  Atomic number 96; gram weight per 33 gram coin: 3 grams.

                                           Iridium     Atomic number 77; gram weight per 33 gram coin: 2 grams.                                                Platinum    Atomic number 78; gram weight per 33 gram coin: 21 grams.

                                           Gold         Atomic weight: 79; gram weight per 33 gram coin: 7 grams.

Total Atomic Number: 330      


96 Be2(SiO)4 3
77 Iridium 2
78 Platinum 21
79 Gold 7