Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Spiritual weight of the Letter J is 4% in the English language. In the Hebrew language it has the spiritual weight of 4.545455% Now, if Israel doesn't not have the 555.25 height of the Washington Monument in their Temple Goddess design, they are in the spiritual concentration camp at the bottom of the Heil Jehovah/Jesus pit.

The Orange Sun of God/dess connected straight to the Isis Blue Star Temple Rigel, but the Christians can come up to speed in the three temple stars in the Belt of Orion.

Isis Temple of the Amon God/dess elders in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A spiritual work in progress. Hapi is s/he who does the work of the Temple Goddess Lords 13, 23, and 33.

Eleven Isis sisters of Heaven have their fingernails on this Temple Church in San Diego. Heralding the trumpet of the end of the Twit God Jew Age.

Lapis lazuli: A gift from above.  The Isis Temple of Philadelphus.

Wardrobe malfunction shows Miranda Kerr picks up about 3 more inches in the chest, no plastic surgery. The nuns at the CHY Building in New York City would have thrown in a bumpless nipple replacement if you had asked them for a Quetzalcoatl donation of 20,000 dollars.


A New Year Greetings from Google.


The Quetzalcoatl Cooperative in Nicaragua did not get a tax listing with the United States government because the CIA thought that the Potters for Peace movement would make a nice cover for their their anti-Quetzalcoatl World scheme. A good movement pissed on by the State Department because their clit is not big enough to stop these homeboy terrorists in the world.

  1. Potters For Peace
    Nonprofit organization
  2. Potters for Peace is a nonprofit organization that has created a network of potters and other relevant parties to improve quality of life and preserve tradition using local skills and materials. Wikipedia
  3. Tax ID84-1378419
  4. Nonprofit categoryInternational Development, Relief Services
  5. Assets90,885 USD (2011)
  6. Income90,146 USD (2011)

The L.A. Times: Nuns marry CHY Building in New York City.

The CHY Building in New York: God likes the Empire Jew Building because it is the tallest if you exclude the Vornado Reality Building on Jew Market Square. Smaller is not greater is the old nun school cliche.

There wasn't much news at the rat penis New York Times, but God must be the talk of the town in Hollywood.

You thought I was kidding, but this is God's twit on Twitter. Big Clit Goddess had to correct his grammar so that the nuns at the New York Times could understand what God was talking about.

The Solei God of the Jews has a profile on Twitter. Betelgeuse's clit makes his penis look like a loser monkeytang.

Athena-20 sun dived 10 seconds for their High-Temple yellow sun sins in China.


Lost in the Chinese Translation: Athenia-20 and the Forbidden City of Emperor CAT and Empress HAT.