Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Quetzalcoatl Cooperative in Nicaragua did not get a tax listing with the United States government because the CIA thought that the Potters for Peace movement would make a nice cover for their their anti-Quetzalcoatl World scheme. A good movement pissed on by the State Department because their clit is not big enough to stop these homeboy terrorists in the world.

  1. Potters For Peace
    Nonprofit organization
  2. Potters for Peace is a nonprofit organization that has created a network of potters and other relevant parties to improve quality of life and preserve tradition using local skills and materials. Wikipedia
  3. Tax ID84-1378419
  4. Nonprofit categoryInternational Development, Relief Services
  5. Assets90,885 USD (2011)
  6. Income90,146 USD (2011)

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