Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lost in the Hollywood Translation: Scene 1

All over the world today, December 31, 2013, it will be 5 o'clock in the morning for everyone, but for this over developed high school student, it will be the first day of her spiritual life. The alarm will sound like a hammer striking a bell, and she will be fast asleep and the sound will make her angry. She will think that her pervert brother has messed with her alarm clock, again.  In her mind she will flash a image of a hammer coming down on a fly sitting on an anvil, and fly splatter will cover the wall of a movie picture of Walter Mitty that she uses for a dart board.  She has a rich fantasy life, but she does it one image at at time. One Mitty at a time; one brother at a time.  In her fantasy life, she is a mass killer of the stupids who do not walk up to her door and hand her a million dollars for being who she is, the greatest visual artist in the whole wide world.  What she does not know is that today, someone will will send her a singing telegram and hand her a wrapped stack of 100 dollars bills [$20,000] that had just been printed at the Treasury Department that was untraceable, but genuine.  This money was headed toward a safe house in KKK Virginia and would later be sent to the poppy fields of Afghanistan to bribe the locals not to sell their crop to the Russians and the Chinese so that it could not be used for medical purposes. This day had a special meaning to someone else in the visual artist spiritual world, STN, for on this day, the day of all days, the bright star of Lucifer, the star light that blinded Paul and sent him to the streets as a blind pauper, would be crucified today in sky and will be replaced by the Yellow Sun of Hapi III of Egypt, her sun of God.

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